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May as well try to have fun and find some humor in it all. Often such people have never been on the receiving end of anal play. As valuable as those things can be are tiny compared to the transformative nature of physical pleasure possible from good anal touch. Thanks for sharing your experience. It requires preparation, effective communication, slowing down, relaxation and communication, and an understanding of how the anatomy works. The same concept applies to anal sex.

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The truth is that being comfortable being anally penetrated takes time and practice — including lots of solo practice.

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Help! I Need an Anal Sex Lesson

Musicians know the importance of practicing before giving a concert or recital. Do some guys never have any sensation during anal sex? These tips and more will be covered in my forthcoming book, Clean and Happy Butt. Sending you caring and positive energies. With a basic understanding of how the colon large intestine and nervous system works including neuroplasticity it is quite logical that there is a risk. It can delay the fluid form coming out for 30 to 60 minutes, possibly interrupting play. If a food item sat in your kitchen for more than a week and it did not rot, then it is probably a food item that you should not eat.

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anal penetration lessons
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anal penetration lessons
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