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There are certainly other reasons for choosing not to have sex at a given time and place; the above are just some of the most common. Sex can be special, and it can make a person feel special. Young women in particular may have heard that the first time is very painful, accompanied by the breaking of the hymen and a bunch of blood, making it seem like something best gotten over with. However, in a trusting relationship where both partners reciprocate feelings and are emotionally mature, intimacy can be a healthy reason to have sex. Choices For Young People.

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Having sex will not make you mature.

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Top Reasons Why Young People Have Sex (or Don't)

Some are specific to young people, while others may be found at all age levels. In the article on Personal Agency, we discussed the importance of making decisions from within yourself. The site was interesting and kept my attention. This has so many different types of resources available on such a broad range of topics. Being an adult is much more about the choices you make and the values you establish than about isolated actions. Just finished the body image series

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