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Kobayashi and the others take a trip to the beach, where Tohru asks Kobayashi about her family while worrying about her own. While the others talk about maids, Kanna and Riko get awfully close while playing games together. Let's explore some of the cutest anime maid outfits out there to see how they compare to the real thing! Timeless Medley Sound! Did you like this video? Retrieved July 2,

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Later, Tohru helps Fafnir look for a place to live after he decides to stay in the human world, eventually setting him up to live with Makoto.

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School Idol Project Idols tend to have sparkling wardrobes, usually wearing clothes more revealing than your average schoolgirl could ever. However, Kobayashi ends up eating some of it after mistaking it for chocolate Kanna received, although the love potion gets cancelled out by some alcohol that was included in the chocolate. Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female Student Council President of Seika High School, a former all-boys school which, despite recently having turned coed, remains a den of masculine crudeness — stinking sports equipment, litter, sloppy hygiene and racy magazines A trio of gorgeous women hooks up for Additionally, Tohru's presence attracts other dragons, gods, and mythical beings to her new home. Hentai Video World Uploader: Although she's a maid, she has a playful, childish personality.

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