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You need a therapist, not a letter. Marie is licensed as both a psychologist and marriage and family counselor. She wears pantyhose for me rather frequently because she knows that I really like them…My obsession has really intensified to the point that I am doing more to achieve a stronger orgasm…I really feel like my fetish is out of control. The Wikipedia article is a little more detailed and claims that the fetish manifests in one or more of the following ways and which I have repeated verbatim:. It then goes on to claim:. The few online articles concerning pantyhose fetishism make similar claims although empirical evidence for such claims are generally lacking.

He has published over research papers, five books, over book chapters, and over other articles.

Pantyhose Fetish is Out of Control

The Wikipedia and Kinkly articles claim that there are many sub-types of pantyhose fetish and that such fetishes often co-occur with other fetishes and sexual paraphilias such as shoe fetishestransvestismsadomasochismand schoolgirl fetishes. This was a paper written from a psychodynamic perspective by Dr. All it takes is to move that delicate nylon fabric over her skin. Maybe we will never know how common pantyhose fetish is but there appears to be a lot of anecdotal evidence that it exists, is male-dominated, and that there is some crossover with other more empirically established fetishes such as foot fetishes. Suffice it to say that pantyhose are high up there somewhere. The pantyhose Jolie wore were completely sheer.

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