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See Figure 1 for the frequency vs. I was sitting around thinking the other day. Hams have let these regions lay fallow because of the idea that mi- crowave equipment is complex, expen- sive, or just unavailable. Attempting to 'bend' them, in the way we used to with low-power klystrons, anyone remember polaplexers? Microwave leakage detector — a must for this project! Read other Moon-Net discussions. The average frequency "pushing" coefficient is about 0.

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You fabricate this by winding six turns of 24 wire on a 3.

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The best picture quality occurred at 2. This is not a trivial problem, and may require line trimming or line stretchers to place the phase angle in a stable region. Dick Kolbly experimented with the magnetron by turning off the filament supply after initial oscilation began with a resulting narrowing of the output noise spectrum apparently the filaments continued to be heated by back bombardment. I hope this helps to find a copy of this interesting paper. Today's radar systems use very refined tubes such as a TWT or Klystron with proper tuning and control.

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microwave oven amateur transmitter
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microwave oven amateur transmitter
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