Mg midget steering rack gear ratio

If you widen track, maybe by changing wheels or spacers, you increase the outer radius, and decrease the inner, but all the design angles stay the same. Those steering angles are based on wheelbase and track width, since they are the angles for inner and outer to roll free at whatever radius they are from the turning center, which is off to the side of the car, and determined by the Ackerman center. Skip to main content. Austin Healey Sprite cc MK4. All because they turn very sharply, but the Ackerman is very wrong at those angles; pretty much like bad bump steer but all in a horizontal plane. Sign In with Facebook.

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Lot of complaints to dealers and shops like me. MGA - I would bet the newer Sprites and Midgets which use a different rack are similar in length. That decides both grip and tire wear. For a given rack, shorter steering arms KP axis to TR outer ball axis make a faster overall ratio. Part number for reference: That seems unlikely given the wheel sizing, since front steer arms will probably need to be inside the wheel for Ackerman.

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