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He is the personification of innocence and kindness but still a man, who can no longer hide the fact he sees his dance partner has changed, he sees her legs are longer toned and feminine, he knows with out a doubt that her hips have rounded he'd never admit it to any one else but they fit together even better than ever. Stephanie can only looking at the portion of her friend pointing to the heavens, her face is flushed and she is breathless almost panting "I I w w was cuming I mean coming to see you I wanted to umm I don't know…. With out knowing it she had crossed the room and was standing at the side of the prone sports hero. Stephanie loves the feel of those strong arms round her holding her to his body, she start only for a moment when his hands move around her body touching and caressing where ever he touch, the hip moments feel good and with out conscious thought Stephanie responds to them feeling better and better she recognises the feeling between her legs as the same as those she gets when she dreams of Sportacus. He can see her body when they dance and finds she now has a waist to hold, how he yearns to hold her closer when they dance, he can't help the way his breath hitches when her fuller chest is pressed against his. Soon the need to breath overwhelmed both of them and tho they broke apart they did not separate there eyes locked there breath mingled.

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Pulling her further on top of him Sportacus kissed Stephanie harder than before feeling her body atop his he can't keep from the unknown to him but still automatic actions of his hips.

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In his mind she is encouraged to move her hand lower and move herself closer to him bringing her heated body to his, trapping them both, her with a hand between there willing bodies, him un willing to move for fear that the fantasy would vanish too soon. Now thankfully alone he can release his pent up tension and desire none of his "usual" exercises would clear her from his mind. The two lovers stopped discovering each other just long enough to eat and drink un less the hyper active elf just would not watch her eat a banana yes he is an elf and no she wasn't being naught with the bananas and then it just got messy! They reach the crest of the wave together and fall in to bliss calling each others names holding each other as thought they would be ripped from each others arms. He feels her warm apple scented breath wash over his face as his mouth descend to meet hers, they kiss and touch as never before now there is no innocence in the kiss teeth clash lips are nipped the tension that has built reaches fever pitch is enraged further as his kisses move from her lush lips to her jaw he breaths her name over and over again "Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie" trailing down her neck his kisses hit her collar bone…. Unable to think of the words to tell him she feels those same things she takes the last step to the bed and takes what feels like her last breath and sits down on the edge of her hero's bed before she leans in slowly for her first kiss, the kiss, a real kiss the one she has waited for. Before ether of them has even crashed down they are moving in rhythm slower than before changing position as it pleased them, Sportacus using every given talent to please his lover is surprised to find himself on his back, but decided that what ever his new lover wanted she could have.

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stephanie sex with sportacus
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