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Naruto sat on the desk holding his new slave. On the field Naruto is already doing his push-ups. If this is punishment then I don't mind him dealing it. Sakura goes and asks Sasuke out and gets rejected, again. He walked to the bridge where he saw both of his teammates. Naruto looked into the jail and sees two huge red eyes stare at him with a huge row of teeth curved up below them.

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On Naruto's shoulder appeared a red nine tailed fox sitting on its rear legs with its tails moving around in a menacing way.

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In moments Sara became very full. Kyuubi told him not to do that the first time around. Youki is basically a stronger form of chakra. Naruto's eyes changed as his canine teeth grew then leaned on her and bit down on her collarbone. Sakura bit her lips to stop herself from moaning while at the same time fighting against her inner who is enjoying the feeling.

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