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What isn't an option is not ejaculating at all. It does not have the right to empathy for its self-created predicament. That text, like many others in the Torah, takes slavery for granted. Nothing is wrong or dirty about sex when it is engaged in the bonds of marriage as the Lord commanded in the Bible. Way to go, Mr. The idea that homosexuality is to blame comes from later in the story, when men from Sodom try to rape two men staying with Lot, who offers his daughters in their place.

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All those "Christians" will burn in Hell!

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BibliFact Roundup: Southern Baptists and Pacquiao vs. Savage on Sex and Marriage

If you find such a person, I would like to meet him or her. Living an open lifestyle of sin whatever it may be and a church that welcomes those that do so will get you booted from the SBC. He left it there. He has sex with Tamar but was trying to use a form of contraception called "withdrawal" to prevent getting her pregnant. The cities which will burn in America, they are the ones God considers as idiots. Notice that the first and fourth claims come with citations of specific biblical texts that are commonly interpreted to support these claims, especially among conservative Christians.

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southern baptists on masturbation
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southern baptists on masturbation
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