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You can force him to do situps, for example, and his ab muscles will ache for days. The mix of wanting to orgasm and facing big punishments feels very exciting. Tie it off so that he has to stand like that. Take away the use of his hands using ropes or chains and let him use his mouth as hands for a while. Which means who is slapping me is willing to spend his energy and time to make me a better sex toy, instead of using me and go away. Rules that control his orgasms are the most effective and psychologically impactful rules you can impose.

What is the most important thing to be a perfect fuck doll?

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You should be used like this every day until it becomes the only life you know. For every penny that drops, punish him. For example, he might get punished for not jumping to do what you say within three seconds. Demand proof that he did them. He must lock something very heavy to his ankle cuff. Treat pre-cum as orgasms for punishment purposes.

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  1. I remember back when this first came out, the comments were praising his dick and one guy was like "he's like the Lext Steele of JAVs" lmao,