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Contrast with Hello, Nurse! Penny from The Big Bang Theory. Donna Pinciotti in That '70s Show is an excellent example of the Tomboy version of the trope. For Cassie from Animorphshigh fashion is socks that actually match for once. In The Fairly OddParents! The protagonist of Take A Lemon is rather upset when a college physics experiment turns her into a classic Girl Next Door overnight.

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In her first and only appearance, she fits in here to a T:

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The Girl Next Door

Get Known if you don't have an account. These are familiar tropes: After she breaks up with him he says that playing a game together will help him feel more like they're friends again. If you want the girl next door Some Virgin Mary metaphor Your cardboard cutout on the wall Your paper or your Barbie doll With perfect hair and a perfect dress I'm really just the perfect mess And I ain't nothing less or nothing more So, baby, if you want the girl next door Then go next door. Both are cute and have modest figures, though Rikku certainly doesn't dress modestly. This reveals what is referred to by Lacan as the inconsistency or lack, or castration of the Big Other.

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girl next door fantasy
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